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iPhone, Android & iPad Home Automation Remote Control

iPhone, Android & iPad Home Automation & Remote Controls

Nous House provides a premium quality selection of remote control and automation software solutions to automate your home with your iPhone, iPad, Android or iDevice. Tablets provide a great platform for a Smart Home Automation touch screen controller and are fun and intuitive to use for adults and children. Even grandparents are more at ease using tablet remotes rather than regular 'baffling' audio system remote controls.

With a proper wall mounting dock they can easily replace traditional proprietary touch screen automation controllers with a device of a much larger screen footprint and the additional benefits of running additional applications, for example acting as a music or media server or as a web browser. For a large range of suitable iPad and tablet stands see Here.

For further information and ideas, see:

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5500AC2 (prev. 5500SHAC)
Sale price: $1,621.40
Rec. Retail: $2,026.75
Sale price: $1,685.20
Rec. Retail: $2,106.50
iTop-b / iTop-w
Sale price: $2,400.00
Rec. Retail: $2,500.00

Sale price: $194.75
Sale price: $1,699.00
Rec. Retail: $1,999.00
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)

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