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Weather Stations

Weather Stations, Weather and Environmental Monitoring Products

Weather Stations and Environmental Sensors

Nous House recommends to our Smart Home clients to buy a Weather Station providing a very cost effective cluster of enviromental sensors as data input to their home automation system which can be programmed to automatically respond to a range of weather inputs.

Blinds, Sun Blinds, Retractable Awnings or Louvres can be commanded based on wind speed or UV exposure levels. Outside or inside temperatures, rainfall or wind input sensed by your own home weather station can close your windows or curtains. Air-conditioning or Heating can be applied based on the current conditions, rooftop skylights closed or garden irrigation watering held off if it rains.Nous House Weather Station Weather Underground PWS INEWSOUT83

Personal Home Weather Stations are also rewarding for people with a general interest in the weather and commercial users such as farmers, pilots, yachtsmen and crane operators.

Nous House are authorised resellers of the premium quality Davis Instruments Weather Stations with affordable through to professional models all being suitable for Smart Home use.  

We provide Live Sydney Weather to our local community as   see Nous House Weather Station

Smart Home Products  >  Weather Stations

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6162AU / 6163AU / 6162C
Sale price: $1,749.00
6152AU / 6152C / 6153AU
Sale price: $1,069.00
Sale price: $679.00
Rec. Retail: $799.00

Sale price: $369.00
Rec. Retail: $399.00
Sale price: $675.00
6322AU 6327AU 6322C 6327C
Sale price: $764.50
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)

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