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VOIP - Voice Over IP equipment

VOIP - Voice Over IP equipment

In a Smart Home, many devices can be added to enhance and augment the 'normal'house controls. One of these is the Voice over IP Smart Phone. These Smart devices can control and communicate with many systems both internal and external to your home over Voice over IP. Because your phone calls or video calls are being carried over the Internet, great savings can be made over normal 'old world' telephone devices.

An example, your SIP video phone can allow you to greet incoming guests or allow entry to your house or gate by communicating with your video gate station or front door station. The phone talks directly them over IP / SIP displaying video from the gate/door and then sends back the DTMF code to release the electronic door locks/ door strikes over IP. The Helios 2N Door Station is a VOIP (SIP) door station device that acts like an phone and can call other compatible IP Phones when a visitor presses the 'doorbell'. Through IP gateways, it can even call your normal mobile phone when you are away from your house.

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