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Home Surveillance & IP Cameras

IP Network Cameras & Webcams from Axis Communications Ness & others

IP Network Cameras

The modern solution to surveillance and security of your home, IP network cameras capable of smoothly integrating into a Smart Home solution and displaying on devices such as Touch Screens, Netbooks, iPads and Android as they are accessed by IP (Internet Protocol) with each unit having a discrete IP address on your home network.

The cameras we promote at Nous House are high resolution, work in a large range of light conditions and have advanced multi-stream vision recording capabilities.

Through the addition of digital recording systems or network attached storage they can make effective surveillance systems for your house, tracking events and notifying you of activity inside or outside your home.

For a camera for a specific purpose, please contact [email protected] so as we may tailor a solution to meet your needs. Axis Communications has over 100 camera models and Ness and other suppliers have many more. Whilst we have chosen only a small number from the ranges to list, we suggest you contact us for a specific model that will best suit your individual requirements.

AXIS Communications IP Network Camera Product Guide for Smart Home SolutionsAxis Communications IP Webcam Network Cameras Overview GuideAXIS IP Network Camera Surveillance Technical Overview

Live Sydney City Webcam

Example IP Webcam Image sponsored by Nous House.

Sydney City Webcam viewed from Lower North Shore - sponsored by Nous House

Live Sydney City Skyline view webcam viewing the city from the Lower North Shore suburb of Linley Point (Lane Cove),

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