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Clipsal C-BUS Dimmer Modules

for Clipsal CBUS installations suitable for incandescent, LED, Halogen, CFL and other luminaries / lighting types.

Dimmer units remain the workhorse of the lighting control systems in many Smart Homes. Clipsal's range covers many different load types through the use of either Leading Edge dimming, Trailing Edge dimming or 'Universal' dimming supporting both types of dimming allowing a flexible mix of luminaries across channels on a single dimmer unit that automatically selects the correct setting for each channel.

LED dimming has become prevalent in recent times for the energy efficiency that can yield significant energy savings. Clipsal has an advanced range of LED lighting systems itself that we highly recommend as they dim well on C-Bus and other Smart Home dimmers. Cut price LED units can often be marked 'dimmable' but can have big problems like flicker on all modern triac based dimmers including C-Bus. Clipsal have seen the problems some have had and created an industry first, a specific smart device designed for enhanced dimming control and to correct issues when dimming LEDs (and also CFLs), the Clipsal Load Correction Device 31LCDA

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