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Clipsal C-Bus Dynamic Label eDLT DLT Switchplates

Clipsal C-Bus Enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology (eDLT) Switchplates

Clipsal C-Bus Dynamic Label Technology (eDLT & DLT) Switchplates

Clipsal Dynamic Labelling Technology switches are some of the smartest and most visually appealing lighting room control switches in the world, with dynamically customisable LCD labels for each button to display text or icons describing the button's function to the user.

Clipsal Saturn DLT and eDLT Switches with Dynamic Labelling Technology - Cool

The labels are not static and can be updated dynamically by Clipsal logic engines such as Clipsal SHAC and Clipsal Wiser 2. Multi-use buttons can form a heirarchy of functions, used extensively in applications like menus, security and audiovisual applications.

The DLT is available in many premium finishes like glass or stainless steel and an enhanced DLT model, the Clipsal eDLT heads the range with beautifiul Colour LED indicators, Labels and Backgrounds with the ability to control up to 16 different lights or devices.

Clipsal Colour eDLT Switch Clipsal eDLT Colour C-Bus Switchplate Range link button  Clipsal DLT Switch Clipsal DLT Switchplate Range link button Clipsal Saturn Range Clipsal Saturn Range

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Sale price: $599.00
Rec. Retail: $823.62
Sale price: $573.10
Rec. Retail: $716.37
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