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C-Bus Wireless Home Automation

Clipsal Cbus Wireless range - Best Retrofit or Renters Home Automation Solution

Home Automation - C-Bus Wireless Solutions

Wireless Home Automation Solutions are great for Rental Properties, Units and Townhouses or existing homes where the owner wants to minimise building impacts or does not want to spend a large amount retrofitting a fully wired Cbus infrastructure .

The C-Bus Wireless product range incorporates a family of C-Bus Radio Frequency (RF) devices, including light switch Wall Plates, Battery operated 'freelocate' Wall switchplates, Plug Adaptors, Remote Control and a Gateway to Cat-5 Wired C-Bus units. C-Bus Wireless Wall Plates are designed to easily replace standard, 240V wall switches.

Clipsal C-Bus Wireless Automation Nous House Guide Clipsal C-Bus Wireless Smart Home System for established homes, units and townhouses What is Clipsal C-Bus - Your new home's Smart Home Automation SystemClipsal C-Bus Product Guide

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