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Clipsal Wiser Temperature/ Humidity Smart Sensor Zigbee (CLP593011)

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Clipsal Wiser Temperature/ Humidity Smart Sensor Zigbee (CLP593011)
Sale price: $196.00

Clipsal Wiser Temperature/ Humidity Smart Sensor Zigbee

The Clipsal Wiser Temperature Humidity Smart Sensor helps to maintain a comfortable environment in the home by detecting changes in temperature and humidity and reporting climate data to the Wiser Hub..

Clipsal Wiser Zigbee Temperature/ Humidity Sensor Features

  • Measures temperature and humidity in area
  • Reports the event to the Wiser Hub
  • With the Wiser by SE app installed users can receive a push notification
  • Zigbee 3.0 certified
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • IP20


The unit combines two sensors into one single unit saving space and measures temperature and humidity in the local environment where the sensor is installed.

When the sensor is connected to the Wiser Hub, it reports detected changes in temperature and humidity that can allow the Wiser Smart Home system to respond perhaps by adjusting connected environmental control systems, such as automatically turning on an air conditioner if the temperature is high or turning on an exhaust fan if the humidity is high. Great for underfloor damp fans.

When the battery is low (less than 10%), the status LED blinks orange once per minute, and a message is sent to the Wiser Hub.

Download the Wiser by SE app to your smartphone, and install the Wiser Hub to configure and control Wiser devices. You can use the app to pair, set up and control Wiser devices. The Wiser by SE app is available in the App stores for smartphones supporting operating systems Android™ OS (version 7 and above) or Apple® iOS (version 11 and above).

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Sale price: $196.00