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Wattson Solar Plus Energy Monitor DIY Kyoto (Single Phase kit with Easyfit)

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Wattson Solar Plus Energy Monitor DIY Kyoto (Single Phase kit with Easyfit)
Wattson 01 Energy Monitor in White Wattson 01 Energy Monitor in Black-White Wattson 01 Energy Monitor in Black Wattson - How to connect single phase Wattson - How to connect 3 phase Wattson - Tech Specs between Model Comparison
Sale price: $349.00
Wattson Solar Plus Energy Savings Monitor

Wattson SOLAR Plus monitor

from DIY Kyoto (Single Phase Kit with Easifit Kit)



Clipsal Wiser Energy Monitoring The new Clipsal Wiser Energy monitor has more modern features and a Smartphone interface for the home owner and is the suggested alternate product to the now discontinued Wattson Solar Plus Monitor.


The only wireless portable energy monitor showing both electricity generated and used in the home.

Wattson Solar Plus has been specially developed to monitor energy produced from domestic microgeneration systems, such as small windturbines and solar PV cells.

Wattson Solar Plus measures solar power using the same technology as it uses to measure power consumption. Installed simply, Wattson Solar can tell you how much generated power you are producing, your net usage (whether you are generating more than your are using) and your actual consumption.

More importantly, with a sudden colour change, Wattson Solar Plus tells you when you are generating more energy than you are using by glowing green. The ideal time to switch on the washing machine, hoover or other domestic appliance.


Displays electricity generation and usage - The only device on the market that monitors electricity consumption and solar generation on the same unit

Inverter independent - Easy to install and compatible with all inverter brands: the most cost effective solution for Solar PV systems
Shows when free electricity is available - The display glows green to alert users when more power is being generated than used
Fit for purpose -Works with all solar, wind and water generation systems

Easy to use - Shows the electricity in use in your home at any given time in cost, watts or kg carbon for better visibility of your daily electricity activity.

How to install

• If you can fit a pencil behind and between the pair of wires linking your generation meter with your fusebox, and also fit a pencil behind/between the pair or wires linking your main electricity meter and your fusebox then you can fit a Wattson Solar Plus yourself (Electrician required in Australia).

• If the distance between your ‘pencil’ access to your generation wires and your grid electricity supply wires is more than 3m, then you will need an extension cable.

• If your solar feed comes into a seperate fusebox to your main supply, the Wattson will need to be fitted professionally by your Solar installer.

The installation guide can be downloaded here.

Product info

Wattson Solar Plus

1 x Wattson Solar Plus display
1 x TX for Wattson transmitter
3 × 50 Amp sensor clip
1 x Easifit installation kit
2 x DC power supply
1 x instruction booklet

Please note that wattsons are also available for three phase electricity supply and generation, additional 50Amp sensor clips required.

• Software included with product to view chronological & real time data, compatible with PC operating systems Windows XP (with SP1 and SP2) and Windows Vista and Apple MAC operating system 10.4 or higher

Materials & Dimensions
 Plastic. 170 w x 104 d x 56 h mm

The Wattson Solar Plus Monitor comes with three sensors, however you may need extra sensors:

3 phase power - 2 extra sensors

* Wattson  Solar Plus Energy Monitor       

Wattson from DIY Kyoto - Installation Guide  Wattson Solar Plus Energy Monitor Brochure

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1. use an additional transmitter if your Solar Inverter and House Main Power board are in separate locations

2. For 3 phase installations, add 3 additional Sensor clips

3. For 3 phase with Solar installations, add the 3 phase solar generation kit

Sale price: $349.00