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Wattson 01 Energy Monitor - from DIY Kyoto (Single Phase Kit)

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Wattson 01 Energy Monitor - from DIY Kyoto (Single Phase Kit)
Wattson 01 Energy Monitor in White Wattson 01 Energy Monitor in Black-White Wattson 01 Energy Monitor in Black Wattson - How to connect single phase Wattson - How to connect 3 phase Wattson - Tech Specs between Model Comparison
Sale price: $449.00


The Clipsal Wiser Energy product is a suggested alternate product to the Wattson.


Wattson 01 Energy Monitor

from DIY Kyoto (Single Phase Kit)


The iconic personal energy monitor. Gives detailed energy readings and historical energy use data (with Clock Feature).

Wattson shows how much electricity you are using in your home, school or office

Simple Operation

The simplicity & brightness of the Wattson display makes it easy for the whole family to read and understand; partially sighted people will be able to read the glowing red numbers from across a room and see the colour being projected onto the wall behind. Even children can understand the meaning of the colours, making it easy to get them excited about Solar power and also get involved in reducing electricity bills.

Smart Design

Wattson is portable and wireless, so you can use it anywhere in the home thanks to the display’s built-in rechargeable batteries.

The technology used to transmit the data is FM radio which has an excellent range, a deciding factor for choosing the right energy monitor.

Because Wattson shows usage in simple money and colours terms, it is easy for people to understand how much they are spending on what appliances and make more informed decisions – in a survey of 500, Wattson users reported savings on their usage bills of 19.6%.

Low Consumption

The Wattson uses just 5 watts on average, which drops to under a watt in night mode, which also extends the rechargeable display battery life.


Wattsons store up to 28 days of electricity use in its internal memory. With Holmes software, you can access daily, weekly and monthly views of your home’s energy use and join an online community to swap energy-saving hints and tips.

Renewable Energy Monitoring

The Solar and Solar Plus models monitor usage, generation and most importantly can show net usage, which is the most beneficial for you to see when you have free electricity: how much is being used and how much more can be used to get the most out of the system being installed.


  • Simple to set up.

    • 1-2-3 easy clip installation
    • Real-time energy usage
  • Simple to use.

    • Easy legible display
    • Instant feedback
    • View in numbers & colours
  • Simple to save money.

    • Captures energy usage
    • View Historical data
    • Decisions based on facts

Tech Specs

· Able to measure single, twin and three phase systems (extra clips required).
· 12.5KW max per phase, 37.5kW for 3-phase installation.
· 1W resolution of display.
· 14 – segment LED digital display.
· RGB LED full colour ambient light. · 256kb non-volatile EEPROM internal memory
· 433.92Mhz transmitter / receiver, approx. 30m range.
· Max radiated power 2.26mW
· 3 – 20 second refresh rate, user changeable.
· 3 – 6 month battery life (Sensor).
· 5-3 hour battery life (Display).
· USB 1.0 compatible.
· USB-A to USB mini-A cable supplied.
· Currency changeable: £. $, €, R, P, k, F.
· Casings made from Polycarbonate, Polyvinyl and ABS.
· Display: 105mm X 170mm x 55mm.
· Transmitter: 110mm x 84 mm x 26 mm.
· Software Mac & PC compatible.
· Packaged weight 1kg.

* Wattson 01 Energy Monitor       

Wattson from DIY Kyoto - Installation Guide  Wattson Energy Monitor Brochure

50 Ways to Save Power

                50 tips Reduce my Power Bill and Save the Planet


* please note that brochure is for Wattson Solar model which costs more than the classic model

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Sale price: $449.00