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Vidabox iPad Pro Wall Mount Frame

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Vidabox iPad Pro Wall Mount Frame
Sale price: $399.00

Vidabox iPad Pro Wall Mounting Frame


A Stylish iPad Pro wall mounting frame, manufactured in the USA by Vidabox and available in Black or White polycarbonite. The high Quality, professional, picture frame style mounting complements any room aesthetic and will blend seamlessly into your décor.

Being surface Wall-mounted, it takes mere minutes to fit with only normal handyman skills required. A standard wall box is recommended to enable a hidden connection from the Frame to an iPad mini power supply. 



iPad Pro Wall Mount Frame by Vidabox

Key features:-

  • Beautifully & securely mounts iPad Pro onto wall semi- permanently
  • Available in Black or White (Base and Face colour choice)
  • Blends Seamlessly into Any Décor
  • Turns an iPad® Pro into your big screen home command station



    How does it work?
    Consisting of a "base" that holds the tablet and mounts onto the wall, plus a matching "cover" to hide all the wires & cables provide a clean, sleek look - this enclosure provides a complete wall mounting solution, yet allowing it to be easily removed without any tools - at any time!

    Where do the wires go?
    Connecting a USB charging cable for power is easy.  This mount includes clearance cutouts for USB connections, 3.5mm headphone port, power / volume buttons we may need for any installation!

    Do I need to cut into the wall, or install a back box?
    There's no need for huge, ugly wall cut outs, or proprietary back boxes with this enclosure!  Four (4) standard screws and anchors - all included, of course - are all that's needed to complete our installation!

    How do I keep it charged?
    For power, we can use our matching VidaPower adapter to provide charging power over a single CAT5 cable! To set this up, mount the on-wall base on top of a single of double-gang box. There's plenty of room for our CAT5 cable to connect into our VidaPower adapter!

Vidabox iPad Wall Mount Frame



    For Power: Compatible with vCharger & matching power station

    A USB-RJ45 Extended Power Connection adapter can provide power to your iPad Mini over a CAT5 cable back to your iPad Pro charger that can be located up to 5m away whilst still providing continuous charging.

    iPad Pro Wall Mount power diagram (Vidabox)

    Over longer distances Trickle charging will still occur which is suitable for occasional iPad usage, but for longer distances or more continual iPad use, a higher output charging solution, the iPower Charging Station is available separately.

    VidaBox-iPad-Wall-Mount-Frame VidaBox-iPad-Pro-Wall-Mount-Frame Vendors Site Info


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Sale price: $399.00