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Push Controls for iPad iPhone & Android Automation Systems

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Push Controls for iPad iPhone & Android Automation Systems
Push Remote Control Main Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Control Foxtel Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Control BluRay Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Control Security Cameras Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Control Digital TV Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Digital Radio Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Control Media Centre Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Control WII Menu - for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet Push Remote Controls for iPad iPhone Android Phone or Tablet
Sale price: $1,699.00
Rec. Retail: $1,999.00

Push Remote Control for iPhone iPad Android Tablet and Android Phone  Push Remote Control for iPhone iPad Android Tablet and Android Phone for Home Theatre Home Automation Audio Visual

Push Controls is a bespoke, premium quality, highly functional and intuitive to operate iDevice remote control system. It is personally customised and integrated into your home audio visual systems or home automation systems by our vendor trained & certified engineers.

For the fixed install price listed you will receive a totally turn-key, professionally installed remote control system customised to the equipment in your home including the required Push hardware, software application licence and professionally accredited engineer installation service.

Installation allowance is for controlling a normal home theatre, lounge room or media room system of up to 6 pieces of discrete audio visual equipment, from up to 2 iDevices.

No more juggling multiple remotes. No more fumbling for a light switch in the dark, and no more spending on expensive home control hardware.

The Push Control system allows you to operate all your home technology from one single smart device; a control you already have in your hands. Great looking iPhone / iPad home automation or Android home automation controller at a reasonable price.

With a simple download of the easy-to-use Push app, your phone or tablet will then be programmed to control your music, TV, blinds, climate and more. The freedom of your home wi-fi will enable you to control all of this from anywhere inside the home, and afford you the luxury of turning on the lights or disarming the security system before you have even opened your front door...

Give the easy life a PUSH.

Audio and Video – More Room for Living…

As home entertainment fast becomes an integral part of every-day living, we are witnessing the monumental transformation from humble ‘living-room’ to multi-dimensional, family space replete with complex technology and a whole lot more ‘room-for- living’.  It is not uncommon to find the modern home equipped with numerous devices including TV’s, DVD player and Blu Ray, set top boxes and more.

The PUSH Controls system injects harmony into this chaotic technological revolution, by streamlining everything to work at the PUSH of a button. Give simplicity a PUSH.

Lighting – Yes, it can be easier!

On face value, the home lighting system seems flawless. You just walk into a room, flick on a switch and ‘hey presto’, the lights are on. It couldn’t be any easier than that… could it? With PUSH Controls, the answer is always quite simply… ‘Yes, it could be’.

PUSH Controls can deliver a user friendly system that combines lifestyle advantages with environmental benefits. There will be no need to run from room to room looking for a switch, nor the need to waste power because you forgot to turn off that light in the room you already walked out of. From a hand-held, single-room dimming through to multi-room control, lighting automation becomes a seamless extension of your entertainment needs. Give convenience a PUSH.

Security – Protecting your assets

Toys are fun. Entertainment is essential. But your greatest assets are most certainly your family and your home. And now PUSH controls can allow you to protect these assets with integrated security modules created for the PUSH Control System. With the simple addition of IP Cameras, you can easily monitor remote areas inside your home at the touch of a button. Activate your downstairs security system from the comfort of your upstairs bedroom. Give peace of mind a PUSH.

Whole Home Integration – Infinite Possibilities

AV, Lighting and Security are just the beginning. With PUSH, the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Why not add Climate control?  Blind control?  Energy management?  The integration of these everyday  functions means that your new PUSH controls system becomes your living room lifestyle partner, who will synchronize and  simplify your home living.

So now you know more, why not give the easy life a PUSH yourself?


Custom Installed Product

The Push Controls Remote Control System for iPad, iPhone, Ipod Touch, Android Phone and Andriod Tablet is a Custom Installed Product not available for individual sale without installation. Standard installation covers programming control of six discrete IR devices in one room.

When you purchase this item, a Nous House installation service will be arranged for your house, Australia Wide (major cities covered - additional fee for outside major city areas / regional centres / regional cities. Email sales@noushouse for a customised quote for your location if installation is required outside of the major cities eg. beach house etc)


Push Remote Control for iPad iPhone iPod Android Phone and Androir Tablet to control Home Theatre Home Automation & Audio Visual Push Controls ultimate iPad iPhone Android tablet remote control site

The Push Controls system uses 3 different model units, each with incremental capabilities. Please choose the unit size that matches your home. We will confirm sizing details with you prior to installation. For futher details see here



The amount of time required to configure your bespoke Push Controls home GUI menu system is dependant on how much equipment and how many of your home technology services you want covered. Choose the option that seems appropriate for what you are trying to achieve.You can also choose an option that is close and add specific items from the Add-on programming menu below.

If you don't know, or want a completely different mix of services, it is a commercial or corporate job, or you have a really small job, just choose 'Installation/Configuration at Hourly Rate ($139 per onsite hour)' and we will bill you for programming/configuration at the end of the installation.



<< CTRL >> Click to Select additional Accessories or Programming Add-ons to your Push Control GUI home control system.
Sale price: $1,699.00
Rec. Retail: $1,999.00