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Ness R16 Wireless Alarm Kit for DIY Home Security

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Ness R16 Wireless Alarm Kit for DIY Home Security
Sale price: $649.00
Rec. Retail: $899.00

DIY Home Security - Ness R16 Wireless Alarm Kit

Designed with the DIY Home Security installer in mind, the Ness R16 is a professional installation quality alarm system that a more technical DIY installer can come to grips with. A great kit for homes, townhouses, apartments and units this wireless alarm has top end features you won't find in 'consumer grade' alarms. 

Wireless Operation
Operation could not be simpler. You have complete control with the waterproof radio keys that provide the user with separate on and off buttons for fast arming and disarming, a panic button in case of an emergency, and an auxiliary button for automation control. The attractive wireless panel has built-in keypad with LCD display for home owner operation and programming, built-in piezo siren, wireless radio receiver, battery backup and phone dialler.

Ness R16 Wireless Alarm Kit Functional Diagram
All in one System

Ness R16X incorporates all that is essential in a powerful security system into a single unit. The built-in keypad provides for the installer access to the R16X program options at the unit as well as fast arming/disarming, fire, medical and police panic response, memory event review and multiple zone control for the user. Its 118dB siren is loud enough to deter any intruder.
Ness R16X’s built-in dialer can alert you 24/7 if you use a security monitoring provider. On returning home, the units LCD display will make you aware of any events or system requirements e.g. intrusion or a low battery from a device. 
A backup battery keeps your system operating should external power fail for any reason providing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Visual alerts
Ness R16X reports visually all events to the user via its large, bright LCD display. 

Optional Features

Ness R16X III is fully compatible with other Ness radio devices and supports up to 16 accessories such as PIRs, keypad, reed switches, sirens, smoke detectors, panic buttons and even a door bell.

Ness R16X can be connected to a wireless digital communicator which uses the GSM mobile network and is completely independent of landlines.

A Doorbell feature within the alarm with selectable tunes can be used with the addition of a Ness radio Doorbell transmitter.

Increase the degree of protection of your home by installing additional Ness radio devices.



HARDWIRED ZONES 1 (shared with zone 16)
RADIO COMPATIBILITY Ness supervised & encrypted radio devices
DIALLER FORMAT Contact ID & Audible Voice
ONBOARD KEYPAD Backlit, programming & user functions
LCD DISPLAY High contrast icon display
PLUG PACK 240V AC, output 17V AC @300mA
QUIESCENT CURRENT DRAW              10 mA (in power save mode if mains is off)
BUILT-IN BACK-UP BATTERY 12 volt 0.8 Amp/hour, sealed lead acid
DYNAMIC BATTERY TEST Every hour and on arming/disarming
FUSES 2A resettable / sirens 2A resettable / Reset output, built-in piezo and strobe
SIREN OUTPUT 1 x 8 Ohm horn speaker max.
RESET OUTPUT 12V DC 300mA max.
STROBE OUTPUT 12V DC, 1 strobe light max.
DIMENSIONS (H-W-D) 210 x 145 x 40 mm


Sale price: $649.00
Rec. Retail: $899.00