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NESS C-Bus Interface for Ness D8x & D16x Alarm (Ness MiniCENTRAL)

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NESS C-Bus Interface for Ness D8x & D16x Alarm (Ness MiniCENTRAL)
Ness Saturn Alarm Panel in White (D16/D8) Ness D16x Alarm Panel shown with Saturn Code Entry Pad
Sale price: $355.00
Rec. Retail: $499.00

Ness C-Bus Interface for Ness D8x & Ness D16x Alarm Panel

The Ness bi-directional C-Bus interface - MiniCENTRAL designed for the Ness D8x, Ness D16x or Clipsal HomeSafe Alarm panel gives you full two-way C-Bus home automation system control access from and to your alarm system panel.

Ness CBus InterfaceNess-D16x-Alarm-Panel_with-Saturn-Code-Panel *


  • compatible with Ness D8x/D16x alarm control panels.
  • C-Bus Enabled Product (Clipsal Approved)
  • Controls up to 255 individual C-Bus lighting or control groups. Includes full dimming, On/Off and toggle commands
  • Bi-Directional communications to your C-Bus network
  • Connects directly to C-Bus without the need for additional hardware such as a C-Bus PCI (serial) Interface
  • Many D16X events or status changes can control modules on the C-Bus
  • C-Bus events can control the D8x/D16x
  • C-Bus Trigger Control and Enable Control
  • Multiple onboard SERIAL repeater ports means the D8X/D16X panel can also connect to other serial accessories while connected to the MiniCENTRAL

(* D8X/D16X Control panel not included)


Ness C-Bus Interface for D8x & D16x Alarm (brochure link)

Sale price: $355.00
Rec. Retail: $499.00