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MeteoBridge Pro Red

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MeteoBridge Pro Red
Sale price: $748.00

MeteoBridge Pro

Meteobridge Summer Sale

Continuously stream the weather data from your Davis Vantage Vue, Davis Vantage Pro 2, Davis Weather Stations, many other brands of weather station or even your Davis Integrated Sensor Suites, to a multitude of cloud based online weather services.

The new MeteoBridge ProMeteoBridge Pro Standalone Weather Server example history data Graphs is a wireless personal weather server, powered by a Carambola2 computing platform and offering an Atheros chipset with 64 MB RAM and 16 MB flash, it includes 1GB of internal storage, LAN and WiFi Capabilities, two USB ports, integrated RF capabilities and an OLED Display. It receives directly from your chosen weather station such as the Davis Integrated Sensor Suite, providing a seamless connection from the Weather Station to your preferred online Weather Network. It comes in a quality aluminum enclosure (small footprint - 57mm x 26mm x 86mm measured without SMA connectors at the back) and the panels are made of sturdy plastic.

Meteobridge PRO is configured and operated by your web browser, you don't have to install anything on your PC and you can use it from desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Once configured, the Meteobridge PRO works independently taking away the usual burden of having a PC up and running all the time to monitor your weather data. It is an autonomous, low power solution that also takes care of your weather stations historical data.

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Sale price: $748.00