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Professional ISF Projector - Full Calibration Service

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Professional ISF Projector - Full Calibration Service
Sale price: $1,550.00

Buying a new HD video projector and expecting it to look great without it being properly calibrated, is like buying a new guitar and expecting it to sound good without it being properly tuned. Once a guitar is properly tuned, it will sound as good as it can possibly sound. Likewise, once a HD video projector is properly calibrated it will look the best it can possibly look.


  • ISF Calibration Logo See your movies, TV programs, games, etc, how they were meant to be seen!
  • See detail that was previously missing from the picture because of incorrect settings!
  • See a sharper, clearer, quality pictures
  • See realistic colours and flesh-tones!
  • Increase the life of your Projector
  • Decrease power consumption


The Projector Calibration Introductory Calibration Offer

Using DVD/B-ray disc with specially designed images and test patterns to set the basic contrast / brightness / sharpness / saturation controls in your picture menu.

We use the latest SpectraCAL V5 software and C6 colorimeter to generate a FREE diagnostic report, showing exactly how your HDTV is performing. You'll be surprised at just how much difference getting your basic setting right will make!

Additional full calibration treatment using the SpectraCAL V5 software and C6 colorimeter to balance the Red Green and Blue pixels to get perfect black/white detail and colorimeter to adjust the Colour Management System (CMS).

The Primary Colours (red, green, blue) and the Secondary Colours (yellow, cyan, magenta) can be precisely located in the Colour Gamut giving you perfect colour and tint. (This calibration is limited to the capabilities of the Advanced/Expert ISF picture menu options)

Full Calibration is for the primary input. Additional inputs can be calibrated at $80 per each additional input to projector.

ISF Calibration chart

Sale price: $1,550.00