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Professional ISF Projector Calibration - Introductory

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Professional ISF Projector Calibration - Introductory
Sale price: $850.00

Buying a new HD video projector and expecting it to look great without it being properly calibrated, is like buying a new guitar and expecting it to sound good without it being properly tuned. Once a guitar is properly tuned, it will sound as good as it can possibly sound. Likewise, once a HD video projector is properly calibrated it will look the best it can possibly look.


  • ISF Calibration Logo See your movies, TV programs, games, etc, how they were meant to be seen!
  • See detail that was previously missing from the picture because of incorrect settings!
  • See a sharper, clearer, quality pictures
  • See realistic colours and flesh-tones!
  • Increase the life of your Projector
  • Decrease power consumption


The Projector Calibration Introductory Calibration Offer

Using DVD/B-ray disc with specially designed images and test patterns to set the basic contrast / brightness / sharpness / saturation controls in your picture menu.

We use the latest SpectraCAL V5 software and C6 colorimeter to generate a FREE diagnostic report, showing exactly how your HDTV is performing. You'll be surprised at just how much difference getting your basic setting right will make!

ISF Calibration chart

Sale price: $850.00