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Hager Vega D Enclosure Metal 4 DIN rail height x 24 modules wide

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Hager Vega D Enclosure Metal 4 DIN rail height x 24 modules wide
Sale price: $1,485.00
Rec. Retail: $1,980.00

Hager Vega D Enclosure suitable for mid sized home C-Bus installations

Providing 96 poles in a 4 DIN rail height and x 24 Din Modules in width configuration allows side by side installation of two x 8 channel dimmers or 2 x 12 channel relays to take up less enclosure width on your wall compared with single module width enclosures.

Provides 96 modules/poles total enclosure space, suitable for mid sized homes with a single board or one of two boards for many large homes.


Hager Vega D Automation Enclosure - excellent for C-Bus large installations

Exploded View of unit


Nous House can source a wide range of Hager surface or flush mounting enclosures / switchboards to suit your specific C-Bus installation. Contact  [email protected] for a project specific quote.

Available with either a metal or glazed front door, Nous House suggests the glazed looks very good for showing off your C-Bus implementation to interested guests.

inside Hager Vega D Automation Enclosure suitable for C-Bus large installation

 internal view of the Hager Vega D series of enclosures

Sale price: $1,485.00
Rec. Retail: $1,980.00