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Flush mounting kit for Clipsal eDLT switchplate

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Flush mounting kit for Clipsal eDLT switchplate
Sale price: $279.00

Flush mounting kit for the Clipsal eDLT & Clipsal Zen eDLT switch

An adapter made by Wall-Smart USA for the in-wall flush installation of a Clipsal eDLT or Zen eDLT Switchplate, providing a neat and pleasing visual aesthetic.

Flush mounting kit for Clipsal eDLT by Wall-Smart USA Flush mounting kit for Clipsal eDLT by Wall-Smart USA

The eDLT flush wall mount firmly hold the switch unit while allowing easy access, insertion and removal. Installation of the Wall-Smart flush mount adapter is straight-forward and follows normal Gyprock construction procedures.


  • A contemporary 'architectural' aesthetic for your room.
  • eDLT's glass face edge is held flush with the wall.
  • Zen eDLT is completely flush with the wall
  • Switch is recessed into the wall rather than protruding
  • Paintable with the wall paint in any color and texture.
  • Allows easy insertion and removal of the switch by manual push and magnet detachment of the switchplate tray.
  • The adapter is supplied unpainted (to be painted after installation as part of the wall).
  • Designed to be installed in 13mm Gyprock (or 1/2" plasterboard / drywall).
  • For installation in concrete, rendered masonry or block walls use the 'concrete box' (see options below)
  • A bespoke, quality product from the USA specifically designed for the Clipsal C-Bus eDLT switch


Flush mounting kit for Clipsal Zen eDLT by Wall-Smart USA 

Significant automatic discounts are applied at checkout for project purchases of more than one unit.

Please expect a 3-4 week lead time as flush mounting units may be built to order depending on quantity required and ship from the USA.

Also available for Clipsal Saturn and Clipsal Reflection series switchplates.

Saturn eDLT Flush Mount    Saturn eDLT Flush Mount Data Sheet Link          Saturn Zen eDLT Flush Mount    Saturn Zen eDLT Flush Mount Data Sheet


Saturn eDLT Flush Mount Concrete Box    Saturn eDLT Flush Mount Concrete Box Data Sheet Link


Flush Mount adapter only -

The Clipsal eDLT switchplate is required to be purchased separately (see Related Products below)

Sale price: $279.00