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Clipsal Wiser Hub Zigbee to IP Network (CLP501902)

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Clipsal Wiser Hub Zigbee to IP Network (CLP501902)
Sale price: $610.00

Clipsal Wiser Hub Zigbee to IP Network Gateway

The Wiser Hub enables you to easily manage your home environment. It connects Wiser devices and enables communication between multiple devices and a smartphone via the Wiser app. The hub also enables voice control and allows you to control your home from a remote location.

Clipsal Wiser Hub Zigbee System Architecture diagram showing compatible modules

The hub can be placed on a table using the optional table stand or mounted on the wall using screws as hooks.


Clipsal Wiser Technical Catalogue 2022 button

Wiser Hub Mounting Options


Wiser Hub wall mounted Wiser Hub fitted with optional Table Stand (CLP501902_0001)
Wall Mounted (Default)Supply with optional Table Stand


Sale price: $610.00