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Clipsal Wiser Home Automation Controller - iPad iPhone Android house control

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Clipsal Wiser Home Automation Controller - iPad iPhone Android house control
Clipsal Wiser Architecture Guide Clipsal Wiser Control from Everything Clipsal Wiser Power Monitoring using Wiser and 5504CMU module Clipsal Wiser interface example purple 3 Clipsal Wiser interface example purple 2 Clipsal Wiser interface example purple 1 Clipsal Wiser GUI on iPad Wiser HD on iPad Energy Monitor with iPad iPhone Home Automation Power Monitor iPhone Home Automation iPhone Wiser HD iPad Control app Wiser HD iPad Home Automation showing Power Monitoring
Sale price: $1,523.08


Important Product Information

The Wiser model noted on this product page is the amazing, iconic and award winning first generation model of the Clipsal Wiser, now referred to as the Clipsal Wiser 1.

This model was superceded several years ago by the far more powerful and well featured Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Controller by Schneider Electric which provided more features and a more modern GUI for less cost. Click on the image or link to go to the new Wiser 2 product page.
The Clipsal Wiser 1 page remains for informational purposes.

Clipsal Wiser 2 - more powerful with a price below the older Clipsal Wiser 1


Clipsal Wiser 1 Home Automation Controller

The Wiser Home Control is an advanced home automation controller for your Clipsal C-Bus network*, that simplifies control of the technology systems in your home by providing an intuitive multi-device graphical interface to control your home's lighting, music, home cinema, air conditioners,  watering systems, curtains, blinds and shutters, security systems or many other automated systems.


Wiser Home Controller



With the Wiser, you get a consistent look and feel across many types of control device be it an iPad, an Android phone, a Home Automation touch screen, your home or work computer, or even from your modern Smart TV. All this demonstrate clear ease of use that even your kids (or grandparents) can use.

Turn on your air conditioner from your iPhone on the way home from work, or check your home security is armed over the Internet when you get to work. You can even monitor and control your home's automated systems whilst away from home, or even on a holiday abroad. The flexibility and functionality is amazing.

Nous House are THE Wiser installation experts and will happily answer any questions or queries you may have about what a Wiser implementation can do for you. 

Clipsal Wiser Home Control - Top Award Winner - System Controller of the year

So enjoy every minute of your life. Take control of your home by simply becoming Wiser!

Quickly see how this revolutionary Smart Home controller can Enhance your Life!!

Clipsal Wiser Home Controller 5200PG for your Smart House


Further Information:

Clipsal Wiser Brochure Link    A comprehensive look at what the Wiser can do in your Smart Home.


Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Automation Controller 5200PG    Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Automation Controller 5200PG Installation Guide   Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Automation Controller 5200PG User Manual


* For more information about Clipsal C-Bus see our article 'Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation for my Smart Home?' article.


The Wiser is heavily featured in our articles iPhone Home Automation  or  iPad Home Automation

or take a look at the new Wiser HD App for iPad or Wiser App for Android 

Onsite Installation -

3 months FREE after sales remote technical telephone support provided to all Wiser clients, even DIY.

Sale price: $1,523.08