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Wiser Energy IP Communications Module and Kits

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Wiser Energy IP Communications Module and Kits
Sale price: $370.00
Rec. Retail: $576.60

Clipsal Wiser Energy IP Communications Module and Kits

Clipsal Wiser Energy allows you to monitor your home's energy use and solar production, so now you can easily calculate the return on investment of your entire energy usage.

But it's not just about energy efficiency, it's also about safety! Wiser Energy gives you peace of mind by also monitoring your critical equipment. If there's an issue with your freezer, pool pump, or photovoltaic installation for example, Wiser Energy will notify you.

Wiser Energy Management Smartphone App Wiser Energy Management Smartphone AppWiser Energy Management Smartphone App
Wiser Energy Management Smartphone App - Solar Power


Wiser Energy brings peace of mind to homes by making electrical installations safer and more efficient.

Key Features

A smart home system that monitors your energy consumption, and alerts you in the event of energy-related anomalies.

Wiser Energy Monitoring IP ModuleWiser Energy Powertag 4CBEM2B
  • Displays energy consumption by meter: electricity, gas, and water (separate meters required).
  • Displays solar production and your home energy flow.
  • Displays energy consumption by appliance, or outdoor pool, air conditioning or hot water.
  • Monitors energy expenses.
  • Analyzes consumption with hourly, daily, monthly graphs.
  • Generates real-time energy consumption reports.
  • Compares consumption trends with previous months.
  • Connects to your home while you are away.
  • Notifies/alerts in the event of anomalies as well as for energy targets, including power outages, contract limits, reaching or exceeding monthly energy targets.
  • Allows you to input service provider details and tariffs

Clipsal Wiser Link Energy Monitoring Solution Clipsal Wiser Energy Vendors Site Info

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Sale price: $370.00
Rec. Retail: $576.60