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Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Automation Controller for C-Bus

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Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Automation Controller for C-Bus
Wiser2 on iPhone Main Menu Wiser2 GUI on iPhone showing Total Power Wiser2 GUI on iPhone Total Power Graph Wiser2 GUI on iPhone Temp Monitors Wiser2 GUI iPhone example 'Lounge' Wiser2 GUI on iPhone example 'Tools'
Sale price: $1,685.20
Rec. Retail: $2,106.50

Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Automation Controller

The Wiser 2 Home Automation Controller is an advanced home automation controller for your Clipsal C-Bus network*, that gives you advanced control of your home in the palm of your hand. Providing a stylish and intuitive home interface on your smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android) you can effortlessly control your home's lighting, music, home cinema, air conditioners,  watering systems, curtains, blinds and shutters, security or many other devices on your home's C-Bus network. Clipsal-Wiser-2

The Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Controller for C-Bus networks builds on and expands the capabilities of the previous Wiser Home Control.

The Wiser 2 provides many exciting enhancements and new features over its award winning predecessor and like the Wiser 1, allows control, both locally and remotely to your home C-Bus home automation system from a wide range of smart devices such as iPhone, Android phones and tablets, iPad, Windows PC, Apple Mac, even many Smart TVs.  

See for yourself how this revolutionary Smart Home controller can Enhance your Life!!    Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Controller 5200WHC2 for your Smart House

Primary Features

C-Bus Wiser Home Controller MkII - 5200WHC2 (Wiser2)

  • Purpose designed C-Bus system controller
  • Resides as node on the Home network
  • Single Ethernet (LAN) connection
  • Wi-Fi client only (not a Wireless Access Point)
  • Onboard C-Bus connection
    • Dual C-Bus (internal) connections on one single physical C-Bus connection
    • Can be used with external CNI if no physical C-Bus connection is available
  • User interface on PC (via Web Browser)
  • HDMI connection for user interface on a display monitor
    • Support for CEC codes through HDMI
  • USB sockets and SD card slot
    • USB keyboard and mouse
    • Digital audio files for C-Bus Ripple
    • Storage of surveillance images
  • Onboard memory for storage of images, logs etc.
  • Scene and scheduling capabilities onboard
  • Full Logic Engine capabilities onboard
  • Control devices such as lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC, blinds and irrigation
  • Allows remote access to re-program Wiser and C-Bus from outside the home/building
  • Future integration with many IP based devices
  • C-Bus Multi-Room Audio (MRA) support with onboard Ripple server and client
  • Support for DHCP (client)
  • Supports fixed IP address
  • Support for DYNDNS services
  • Support for NTP with client definable server locations
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) support
  • SAMBA support
  • Support for User and Location profiles
  • Support for 20 channels of power monitoring and logging
  • Comprehensive Wiser diagnostics functionality
  • Multiple installation options; on a desktop or with AV equipment, on shelving or in an
    equipment rack and also wall mounting (using keyhole points)
  • User interface on portable devices such as mobile phones and web tablets (via dedicated
    Android and iOS Apps) providing complementary control of native C-Bus on-wall devices


Wiser Home Control Mark 2 (Wiser 2) System Architecture

With the Wiser 2, you get a consistent look and feel across many types of control device, be it an iPad, an Android phone, a Home Automation touch screen, home or work computer, or even from your Smart TV. Ease of use that your kids (and even their grandparents) can use.

Turn on your air conditioner from your Smartphone on the way home from work, or check your home security is armed over the Internet from your PC when you get to work. You can easily control and monitor your home's automated systems whilst away from home, on a holiday abroad or even save images from your security webcams. The flexibility and functionality is amazing.

Replacement Power Supply to suit Wiser 2 - 5100P24/2700AU

Further Information:

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Nous House are Wiser2 Specialists and will happily answer any questions or queries you may have about what a Wiser 2 can do for you.



3 months FREE after sales remote technical telephone support provided to all Wiser clients.

Sale price: $1,685.20
Rec. Retail: $2,106.50