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Clipsal Standard Switchplates for C-Bus

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Clipsal Standard Switchplates for C-Bus
Sale price: $162.33
Rec. Retail: $215.87

Clipsal Standard Range for C-Bus

Modern, clean lines and matching power points and other electrical accessories in standard shaped lighting switchplates.


Switch Configuration Notes: 

  • Black switchplate colour is only available in Classic C2000 Plate Series, is considered a 'Special Build' item by Clipsal and built to order rather than being available 'Off the Shelf'. Lead time for supply can be 4 - 6 weeks. Also, as they are custom made for each job, Special Build switchplates are non-returnable (except for reasons defined under consumer laws).
  • For Stainless Steel or Brass Plates - see separate product listing in related products for details
  • Previously available standard C-Bus switchplates with Blue LEDs have been discontinued and are superceded by the 'Build Your Own' Clipsal C-Bus 30 Mech series switches. These provide a far more modern feature set than the standard switchplates including scenes and also a more elegant Blue or Orange LED perimeter indicator. There is also a clear bezel that allows the installation of switch decals describing the button function eg. Light, Fan, Bathroom etc.


If 'Add to Cart' is greyed out, the plate choice is not available. Please change to another available Plate Series combination

Sale price: $162.33
Rec. Retail: $215.87