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Clipsal Kinesis 100 Series Outdoor Motion Sensor Outdoor - ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!

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Clipsal Kinesis 100 Series Outdoor Motion Sensor Outdoor - ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!
Clipsal Kinesis in under eave configuration Clipsal Kinesis in wall mounted configuration Clipsal Kinesis Settings View Clipsal Kinesis Exterior Motion Detectors (no longer available in white)
Sale price: $60.00
Rec. Retail: $180.66

Let's face it, outdoor PIRs are usually ugly. Unfortunately we have recently been informed by the manufacturer that this great looking product has been discontinued.

Luckily we are still holding some stock and so offer this great product (with a 90 day replacement warranty) to Nous House customers at
SPECIAL Run-Out Pricing. Over 66% off RRP.


The Clipsal Kinesis 100 Series passive infrared (PIR) sensor automates switching of outdoor lighting in response to movement; perfect for welcoming guests and deterring intruders. It offers a combination of security, safety and convenience for many outdoor residential, commercial and industrial applications. Automated switching also ensures that lighting is only activated as needed, making it an extremely valuable addition to any building and energy management strategy.

The Kinesis 100 Series outdoor motion sensor offers a highly flexible array of mounting options and can be mounted on flat surfaces, walls (vertical) or eaves (horizontal), as well as internal or external corner mounting.

Occupancy Sensors & Motion Detectors offer enhanced security, convenience and energy savings. 


Available in Black (100SA140,BK) or White (100SA140,WH)
■ 140° field of view.
■ 12m detection range.
■ Light-on time setting - preset lights to turn on for 4 seconds
to 30 minutes.
■ Adjustable 2 to 2000 lux.
■ Quick connect wiring system for easy installation.
■ Various mounting options - wall (vertical), under eave (horizontal) or corner (internal or external).
■ Customisable detection area (zone mask supplied).
■ Corner mounting kit included.
■ Surge protected.
■ IP44 weather proof rating.
■ 12-month product warranty.


C-Bus 5750PWL PIR Outdoor Occupancy Sensor

Sale price: $60.00
Rec. Retail: $180.66