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Clipsal Eco-Friendly (Better) Trailing Edge Dimmer Green Mechanism

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Clipsal Eco-Friendly (Better) Trailing Edge Dimmer Green Mechanism
Sale price: $73.40
Rec. Retail: $76.18

Clipsal Eco-Friendly (Better) Trailing Edge Dimmer Green Mechanism

to be installed into standard switchplates (see options)

Dimming the lights provides a simple solution to creating the ideal atmosphere in any room of your home and comes with the added advantage of being energy efficient. As the lights go down, so does your power bill. Just by keeping your lights dimmed at 80% you are saving almost 20% of your lighting power bill and making your bulbs last much longer than their standard life also saving you money.

Clipsal is a world leader in dimming control, incorporating the latest advances in power control technology.

Green trailing edge dimmers are only suitable for incandescent and low voltage halogen lighting, supplied by modern electronic transformers. (note-the older style heavy iron core or wire wound transformers halogen transformers can use the lower cost leading edge dimmers. If you are unsure of your halogen transformer type, use the universal dimmers).

Dimmers are technical products designed for installation by suitably qualified tradespeople.

If you want the dimmers installed for you by a Nous House contractor, please select the Smart Home Installation Pack B from the options which should cover the installation of 5 dimmers in most standard installation situations

See other dimmers in the category for faceplate options to match those installed in your house.

Is Installation Required?
Sale price: $73.40
Rec. Retail: $76.18