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C-Bus Enclosure Metal 4 DIN rail height x 15 modules wide (4C60MFD)

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C-Bus Enclosure Metal 4 DIN rail height x 15 modules wide (4C60MFD)
Sale price: $982.43
Rec. Retail: $1,012.39

C-Bus Compatible Metal Distribution Switchboard (4C60MFD)

Suitable for 4 (high) x 15 Din Modules (wide) for 60 modules total space.

Accommodate a floor worth of C-Bus modules for an average sized home. Easily fits 12 module width CBus modules like the C-Bus 8 way dimmers or 12 way relays next to their associated RCBO/RCD/MCBs.

Allows extra space on the same DIN rail beside wide modules for main switch CB or RCD, surge protector or other devices.

Nous House can source a wide range of Clipsal surface or flush mounting enclosures / switchboards to suit your specific C-Bus installation. For a quote for a specific suitable unit, see the Enclosure Catalogue below, then contact   [email protected] and noting the part code you would like a quote for.

Clipsal Smart House C-Bus Switchboards and Enclosures

Sale price: $982.43
Rec. Retail: $1,012.39