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Clipsal Iconic Electronic Push button Switch Mechanism BLE & ControlLink

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Clipsal Iconic Electronic Push button Switch Mechanism BLE & ControlLink
Sale price: $194.75

Clipsal Iconic Wiser Push-Button Switch

'Build Your Own' stylish Clipsal Iconic Switchplate with simple home automation remote control

A pushbutton electronic switch with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity, suitable for switching a huge range of electrical products and designed to match the other pushbutton devices in the Clipsal Iconic range.

The Wiser Room smartphone App allows for customisation of features such as the LED indicator behaviour whilst also providing in-room user control through a smartphone or tablet. The pushbutton electronic switch features Clipsal’s ControlLink technology providing for multi-way switching from several switch locations over conventional mains wiring. ControlLink also allows for multiple units to switch at once to control larger individual loads such as multiple  heaters in an outdoor deck.

Clipsal’s simple momentary ControlLink switch (Cat No 41EPBM-VW) can be connected so that low cost multi-way switching can be achieved without the need for expensive secondary switch mechanisms. ControlLink will also operate with conventional electro-mechanical switches.

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Sale price: $194.75