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Clipsal/Ness D16x C-Bus Enabled Alarm System Panel

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Clipsal/Ness D16x C-Bus Enabled Alarm System Panel
5400/16CB (old)
Sale price: $829.00
Rec. Retail: $989.00

Clipsal's HomeSafe C-Bus Enabled Alarm Panel provides many advanced features required for today's security applications. The Panel delivers intelligence and flexibility suitable for both residential and commercial C-Bus installations. Totally Australian made, the HomeSafe Panel features eight Zones of detection, allowing a combination of movement, window and door sensors.

Full control of the system is provided with an easy-to-use keypad, which also provides information at a glance. Additionally the new inbuilt Access Control function allows users to arm and disarm the system using proximity access cards.

The Clipsal HomeSafe Alarm Panel offers a choice of additional products to suit your needs. Wireless detection devices are available to make installation easy in difficult locations and a new range of accessory boards includes a Four Relay Board, an Access Control Reader Interface and new Output Expander. Upload/Download Software is also available.

The HomeSafe Panel is powered from the mains supply with battery backup fitted as standard. The new heavy duty housing is constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate and fitted with multiple standoff positions, cable tie loops, cable/ conduit entry points and unique slide-in carriers for the new accessory boards.
 C-Bus Enabled Security Panel
• Onboard, direct connection to C-Bus (no C-bus PC Interface required)
• Supports the C-Bus Security Application command set
• Alarm events such as Armed, Disarmed and Alarm can be used to initiate
C-Bus commands, e.g. turn C-Bus controlled lighting on or off
• Ability to map up to 16 alarm events to 16 C-Bus commands
• Ability to arm the security from C-Bus input device (e.g. touch screen or
wall switch)
• Provided complete with a wall-mounted security keypad and
rechargeable system backup battery
• Built-in telephone dialer
• Access control features with provision for up to three Wiegand card
readers (Wiegand interface, readers and cards purchased separately)
• 16 fully programmable security zones
• 16 physical security zone inputs with zone split option
• Two additional 24-hour inputs
• Plug-in RF interface to support a range of wireless detectors
• 4 programmable auxiliary outputs
• 56 user codes which can be assigned 3 to 6 digit PIN codes
• Two button arming feature
• Programmable two area partitioning with overlapping of zones in
areas allowed
• Single or double trigger option on a zone-by-zone basis
• Supports up to 55 radio keys
• Secure DTMF remote arm/disarm capabilities
• Wide range of accessories are available:
RF Expansion modules
Sirens and strobes
Motion detectors
RF motion detectors
Reed switches

Other Units or Purchasable Configurations
CATALOGUE NO.  Description  
5400PK  Security System pack including LCD keypad, two x motion detectors, strobe, siren cover, external horn, internal screamer, two x reed switches  
5400  Security Panel, eight zone, LCD keypad, battery backup  
5400EX8  Output expander, eight auxiliary outputs  
5400ACR  Access Control Wiegand Reader  
5400RWC  Read/Write Access Card  
Sale price: $829.00
Rec. Retail: $989.00