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Clipsal C-Bus Saturn Wireless Wall Switch with 1 channel Dimmer - GOOD USED CONDITION

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Clipsal C-Bus Saturn Wireless Wall Switch with 1 channel Dimmer - GOOD USED CONDITION
588xD2x1AA (used)
Sale price: $225.00

Clipsal C-Bus Saturn Wireless Wall Switch with 1 channel Dimmer


This great product was discontinued by Clipsal several years ago. To our clients wanting to incrementally add to their C-Bus wireless networks or to replace faulty units, we offer (as availability allows) tested used units with White Saturn glass fascia supplied with a 60 day replacement warranty from Nous House.

Original product details are provided below for informational purposes.

Renovate your home electrics to be a Smart Home

Without changing your existing mains wiring, you can replace your standard 240V AC wall switches with C-Bus Wireless Wall Switches containing C-Bus Wireless technology, bringing your home into the 21st century on the path to making it a Smart Home.

Unlike many overseas devices marketed into Australia by unscrupulous vendors, the C-Bus Wireless Wall Switches are designed to suit Australian wiring practices, being 2-wire devices (240V AC Active and Load), with no Neutral connection required making them work in almost every home. Many homes have no neutral available in the wall switch wallboxes making many of the oversea modules sold online un-workable in retrofit installations.

C-Bus Wireless Wall Switch buttons are able to control a load both connected directly to the unit and also control loads connected to other C-Bus Wireless or even C-Bus wired lights or loads through a C-Bus Wireless gateway. Like normal C-Bus switches, each wireless button can be programmed to function as an on/off, dimmer, scene control or a number of other functions.

The Saturn Switchplates integral 1 channel Dimmer is available with Leading Edge Dimmer or optionally a Trailing Edge Dimmer. This model can dim and control 1 local lighting circuit with 2 button, 4 button or 6 button configurations for other control possibilities.

A 2 channel local load dimming version (see related items) provides dimming control of two local light circuits.


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Other Colours (if available) will be provided with a new Fascia. You can also choose for a new white fascia to make the used switch as new condition.

Please Note - 6 Button Leading Edge Dimmer - 5886D2L1AA - 1 only available

Sale price: $225.00