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C-Bus Saturn Style Handheld Infrared Remote Control, 8 button (5088TX)

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C-Bus Saturn Style Handheld Infrared Remote Control, 8 button (5088TX)
Clipsal C-Bus Saturn 5088TX 8 Button Infrared Remote Control Clipsal C-Bus 5084TX & 5088TX Infrared Remote Control
Sale price: $191.74
Rec. Retail: $239.67

This Infrared Remote Control Unit can be used in conjunction with C-Bus IR Receivers in C-Bus 2000 Series, Classic, Slimline, Eclipse and Neo style wall switches and C-Bus Multi Sensors.

They have a range up to 15 metres. The 8 button 5088TX remote can be configured to issue IR commands to C-Bus IR Banks A/B or C/D.

The units are supplied complete with a remote control holder for wall mounting the 8 Button Saturn Style Hand-Held C-Bus Infrared Remote Control Unit.  Suitable for C-Bus InfraRed Receiver Products

for supported modules see table below:

Clipsal C-Bus Remote compatibility table


Sale price: $191.74
Rec. Retail: $239.67