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C-Bus Network Bridge (5500NB)

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C-Bus Network Bridge (5500NB)
Sale price: $907.50
Rec. Retail: $1,134.37

C-Bus Network Bridge

A C-Bus Network Bridge is used to link together two C-Bus network segments and to provide some broadcast segmentation between the adjacent networks whilst still allowing inter-communications.

It is recommended when you need to break up networks getting close to maximum C-Bus segment length of near 1000M, those with an excessive number of C-Bus modules (>100) on a single segment or for commercial buildings where floor networks need access to some core facilities such as emergency / common area lighting.

Housed in a standard c-Bus 4M DIN Rail enclosure, it is useful to separate two parts of a C-Bus network and provide some redundancy should part of the network fail or to reduce control traffic on larger networks.

The Network Bridge has two RJ45 C-Bus socket connections, one for each of the C-Bus networks on opposite sides of the Network Bridge.


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Sale price: $907.50
Rec. Retail: $1,134.37