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Vivisys EasyConnect Bus Coupler Interface

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Vivisys EasyConnect Bus Coupler Interface
Sale price: $129.00

Vivisys EasyConnect 2 Channel Relay and Digital Input Interface Board

The Vivisys EasyConnect Digital I/O Interface board for the Clipsal C-Bus systems 5102BCLEDL Bus Coupler is a smart accessory daughter board that when attached to the Bus Coupler, provides two digital inputs and two relay outputs in a small self-powered footprint.

The EasyConnect board works in conjunction with the standard Clipsal 5102BCLEDL Bus Coupler to make connecting your low voltage devices a breeze! It provides a nice simple interface from your C-Bus network to third party devices such as Garage Door controllers, Alarm and Access Systems, even Air Conditoners via Timer Adapters.

Vivisys EasyConnect 2 Channel Relay and Digital Input Interface Board for Clipsal C-Bus 5102BCLEDL Bus Coupler

The standard bus coupler connects to floating switches only, and powers two LEDs, but the EasyConnect board extends this by allowing the connection of on/off non-floating voltage sources, and turning the LED outputs into two solid state relays for operating your gadgets!

No power supplies or DIN rail units needed for your interfacing tasks. Just run a pink C-Bus cable to the item and connect up with the EasyConnect board.

Key Features

  • Two non-floating on/off DC voltage inputs, typically in the 5 to 48 V DC range.
  • Two solid state relay outputs for driving loads up to 48 V DC and 0.30 A.
  • The ability to easily connect devices such as garage door openers, sliding gates, door locks, water sensors, etc.
  • Is powered from the Clipsal 5102BCLEDL Bus Coupler.
  • Detailed app note shows how to operate a typical garage door opener.


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Sale price: $129.00