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2N Indoor Talk Intercom Panel

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2N Indoor Talk Intercom Panel
91378401 or 91378401WH
Sale price: $419.00
Rec. Retail: $469.00

2N Indoor Talk Intercom Touch Panel

2N Indoor Talk is a stylish, minimalist, glass-faced voice-only intercom device for indoors, that integrates neatly with 2N’s wide range of IP-addressable Door Entry and Intercom Systems. It is particularly suited if you don't want or need a camera view or for additional indoor station locations at a reduced cost.

Accepting calls from your visitors, releasing the doors / gates all from large colourful backlit buttons makes the interface pleasing and easy to operate. You can also set do not disturb mode for night or when you don't want interruptions.

A perfect companion for the 2N range of IP intercom gate and door stations such as the Vario, Verso, and Force. 

2N Indoor Talk Intercom Voice Panel for 2N Verso, Vario, Force & Safety 2N Indoor Talk indoor voice only panel in black

Key Features:

  • Available in Black or White glass finish
  • Intuitive controls, even for inexperienced users
  • Designer surface made of tempered glass
  • HD quality sound with noise suppressio
  • Multi-coloured LED status indicator
  • Do not disturb Setting
  • Two-way communication with other units on your IP network
  • convenient Power over Ethernet PoE or externally powered

2N Indoor Talk TouchPanel Vendors Site Info 2N Indoor Talk TouchPanel  2N Indoor Talk

  • Use of an Indoor Recessed Mounting Box for plasterboard & Masonry walls (2N part 91378800) is recommended for a neat installation.

2N Indoor Recessed Mounting Box for plasterboard & Masonry walls (part 91378800)

Sale price: $419.00
Rec. Retail: $469.00