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Wiser Home Control Mk2 for C-Bus (Wiser 2)


Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Control


The Clipsal by Schneider Electric Wiser Home Control Mark 2, (or Wiser 2 as most call it) for C-Bus networks builds on the solid foundation of the previous Wiser Home Control home automation controller for C-Bus networks.

With a pleasingly updated more modern graphical user interface and a slew of new features, it is worth upgrading your Wiser 1 to take advantage of the new hardware.

As before, the Wiser 2 allows home control, both locally and remotely to your C-Bus home automation system from a wide range of smart devices such as iPhone, Android tablets, Android Smartphones, iPad, iPad Mini, Windows PCs, Macs and even Smart TVs.  

Click Here to go to the Wiser 2 product page

Primary Features

C-Bus Wiser Home Controller MkII - 5200WHC2 (Wiser2)

  • Purpose designed C-Bus system controller
  • Resides as node on the Home network
  • Single Ethernet (LAN) connection
  • Wi-Fi client only (not a Wireless Access Point)
  • Onboard C-Bus connection
    • Dual C-Bus (internal) connections on one single physical C-Bus connection
    • Can be used with external CNI if no physical C-Bus connection is available
  • User interface on PC (via Web Browser)
  • HDMI connection for user interface on a display monitor
    • Support for CEC codes through HDMI
  • USB sockets and SD card slot
    • USB keyboard and mouse
    • Digital audio files for C-Bus Ripple
    • Storage of surveillance images
  • Onboard memory for storage of images, logs etc.
  • Scene and scheduling capabilities onboard
  • Full Logic Engine capabilities onboard
  • Control devices such as lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC, blinds and irrigation
  • Allows remote access to re-program Wiser and C-Bus from outside the home/building
  • Future integration with many IP based devices
  • C-Bus Multi-Room Audio (MRA) support with onboard Ripple server and client
  • Support for DHCP (client)
  • Supports fixed IP address
  • Support for DYNDNS services
  • Support for NTP with client definable server locations
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) support
  • SAMBA support
  • Support for User and Location profiles
  • Support for 20 channels of power monitoring and logging
  • Comprehensive Wiser diagnostics functionality
  • Multiple installation options; on a desktop or with AV equipment, on shelving or in an
    equipment rack and also wall mounting (using keyhole points)
  • User interface on portable devices such as mobile phones and web tablets (via dedicated
    Android and iOS Apps) providing complementary control of native C-Bus on-wall devices

    Futher Infomormation:

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    Article updated 2017