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Wiser for iPad | Clipsal Wiser Home Control for iPad & C-Bus

Clipsal Wiser HD

Today we got our first view of the amazing new iPad app for the Clipsal Wiser. Named Wiser HD, it also runs on iPhone.

A number of new interface function are evident and we will elaborate more on these as we discover them but what is instantly apparent is a great new sliding panel format for multiple items in each group type eg. lighting. Previously, you scrolled down a very long list to find the light that you wanted if your room had lots of lights like an open plan room arrangement gives. Now the lights are all accessible with a slick left right slide that they sit on. Very quick to get to the right light or other item.

Here are some initial screenshots (will update with more shortly):

Wiser iPad Home Automation

Wiser on iPad Home Automation

iPad Home Automation with Clipsal Wiser


We will be updating this article over the next few days as we have more information and some more photos.

A much anticipated addition to every Clipsal Home Automation Smart Home.


See Clipsal Wiser with Free iPad Home Automation Wiser HD app



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