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Control everything in your home with a comprehensive C-Bus installation

We live in a world of convenience. Motorised garage doors, keyless entry and electric windows on our cars, remote control TV's, DVD players and airconditioners, even microwave ovens and dishwashers. Not a day goes by when we don't rely on 'smart' technology to make our lives easier.

So what about the rest of your house? How many times have you turned off your bedside lamp only to realise you've left a light on, or pressed 'play' on your DVD remote only to get up again and dim the lights?

Or worse still... arrived at work and wondered 'did I turn the iron off?'. With Clipsal C-Bus® you can make your home a smart home, automating your whole home or individual rooms. You can add to it as you want or as your needs change, and the best news is it's very affordable!

It's your home – make it a smart home and enjoy smart living

Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Smart Home Automation Interactive Video  Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation Control - Overview Brochure

Colour Web Tablets for remote control using WIFI Routers

Wireless tablets are the minimalist's dream in form and function. They are fast replacing both desktop and laptop PCs as the preferred medium for browsing the web. The reason is that similar functionality is provided in a fully portable neat form factor. In a smart home, the tablet computer has the added potential of controlling the home lighting, dimmers, audiovisuals and appliances.

Nous House suggests you look at the outstanding tablets we sell from Archos, some of which run Windows, some run the media proclaimed 'iPad killer' Android software used in many leading edge mobiles, and also their normal web tablets.

We will also be stocking the iPad (when we can get any that is!!!) as many of the automation and audio products have software that currently only runs on iPad.

Home Automation Touch Screens C-Bus

To add a touch of real pizazz to your home, there is nothing better than wall mounted touch screens to control all aspects of your home automation. It can control your audio visual systems, multi-room audio, lighting, blind & curtains, Air Conditioning, or whatever you want. The high end colour units also provide full internet browsing, scenes, scheduling and logic programming to control advanced aspects of your Smart Home systems

Wiser Home Automation Controller by Clipsal

The Wiser from Clipsal is probably the most innovative automation system controller in the world today. It provides many required home automation functions within a single unit form factor, plus a number of other pertinent services such as Wireless (WIFI) Gateway and network edge router with firewall to link to your external broadband.

Its intuitive user interface is both locally and remotely accessible from a multitude of controlling devices including Colour c-Touch touch screens, web tablets and web books, notebooks and other PCs, Apple iPhones & iPads, and almost any device that runs a web browser. This allows the home owner to choose their own preferred 'lifestyle choice' device and have confidence it will inter-operate and control their automation to a good degree.

Whilst not strictly a 'Do It Yourself' product, it is noted here in the DIY section as a great base platform to use in your DIY setup, as it gives you so much functionality in one box. Installation is technical and requires good knowledge of IP and C-Bus, but customisation is within the abilities of a more technically minded person. We suggest that for the initial configuration and customisation of this product you use a Nous House c-Bus expert installer, and then you should be able to master further customisation yourself.

Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Smart Home Automation Interactive Video  

Energy Efficiency Monitoring system using C-Bus Home Automation

Every time you turn something on, you're increasing the amount of electricity that's been consumed. Not to mention the appliances that are on and using power 24 hours a day.

There is a great stand-alone product you can use, the Clipsal Cent-a-Meter which provides a lot of information.

However, with a full C-Bus installation you have the ability to keep track of the energy use of all components of your C-Bus network separately. This allows you to do things like grouping energy use by arbitary area such as Pool, Lighting, Heating etc Imagine being able to drill down on your usage by time and adjust or move usage to a different time to reduce your power consumption.

You can even graph usage on your tablet or cTouch Touch screens. When you can see how much you are using, it is amazing how much you can reduce just by dimming a few lights and by moving the pool pump run time to a different tariff period.

Smart Home Infrastructure

Modern Homes provide a lot more services to their owners than did homes of old. To run the new and next generation of services, you need a cabling infrastructure that can cope with it. The lead has come from the Information Technology industry, that has been wiring with Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling (UTP) for many years.

Today, equipment from many different vendors is converging to use digital rather than the old analog platform for home entertainment and control. Gone are the days of running 10 Metre plus speaker cables all over your house. Now sound is sent digitally to an amplifier close to the listeners and sound quality is far superior for it.

The new paradigm is further extended by the addition of the internet and how it has infused into every aspect of our lives. The NBN is on its way as well, so it makes sense to wire once for the future and allow your home to support future upgrades without requiring future rewiring. Nous House recommends that for the modern home, each major room should have at least four seperate non co-located UTP cables to service it.

Of course, you also need devices like Ethernet switches to link the UTP to and Wireless access routers/firewalls to link it all together.

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