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Smart Home equals more play time

Nous House Objective #1 - Enhance your Lifestyle

Smart Home Automation can help you create extra time in your day whilst ensuring you are secure, comfortable, energy efficient and entertained in an intuitive Smart Home.

Nous House are one of the most highly experienced Smart Home Automation specialist companies, based in Sydney but with projects and clients around Australia.

Nous House partners with architects, builders, electricians and home owners to seamlessly design and install intuitive and architecturally beautiful home technology systems to enhance the lifestyle benefits of a modern home.

Through thorough initial consultation, comprehensive planning, programming and then management of installation trades utilising Australia's leading residential control system Clipsal C-Bus, Nous House reliably creates an easy to use integrated home technology interface for the home owner, controlled by smartphone, wall pad, handheld remote or even their voice. Improving lifestyle, security, entertainment and energy efficiency, living in your prestige 'Smart' house will be a pleasure for years to come and also increase your potential resale value.

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Wide Experience is the key

It doesn't have to cost the earth to enhance your lifestyle with automation and you don't have to demolish your house to take advantage of most of the concepts, with fully wired home automation solutions for houses being renovated or new homes, or wireless automation systems available to suit existing homes, units or homes not being renovated. Ask our consultant or browse through our web site to understand some of the Home Automation concepts and Smart Home Technology product options you can buy.

Nous House consultants have wide experience in the areas of house renovation, home automation, data communications, audio and video engineering, energy efficiency and IP based technology convergence.

Often people buy a new home with CBUS (Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation) installed solely by a builder's electrician, but are then disappointed at the minimal amount of 'Smarts' at delivery, without realising the C-Bus infrastructure in place can do so much more. Nous House are C-Bus experts (C-Bus Approved Installers and accredited Schneider Electric EcoXperts based in Sydney, Australia) who are also enthusiasts in the technology happy to help you tune, repair, upgrade or enhance your C-Bus automated home systems even if originally fitted by others. 

Many Electricians claim to be home automation installers, and audio shop salespeople are often audio specialists, but Nous House consultants have wider skills better bridging the various technology groups needed in a Smart Home and bring to the table a consistent, professional, integrated approach to installing Smart Home Automation technology.

Nous House also caters to the automated home DIY-er, with many DIY Home Automation (Do it Yourself) systems options available and an online store promoting easily supported technology solutions. So if you have a modicum of technical nous, with our help you can put in place a best of breed Smart Home solution for your house without it feeling like a 'experiment'.

We strongly believe you are better working with a company who know the 'Smart Buy' Home Automation products, whose consultants can thoroughly explain their benefits to you and can then properly plan, program and install your house systems to fulfil your expectations. We are that company. 

Smart Home Technology made easy to use.