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iPhone Home Automation

There is a great deal of discussion in the Smart Home media with emphasis placed on using an iPad (or similar sized Android tablet) as a home automation controller. I have one performing that very role in my Smart Home automation system and I can tell you that, yes, while it is pleasing and very functional as a controller in a static environment such as a Home Theatre / Media Room or Kitchen environment etc, it is not the device that I use the most. You might think that is strange given the nice user interface of the iPad, but in reality the most used home automation control in my whole house 'full' of touch screens and tablets, is.......drum roll iPhone. The same would be true for an Android phone.

Why? Because my iPhone is almost always with me, not on a fancy stand in my lounge room or in a nice looking but difficult to access quickly wall mount. iPhone Home Automation, that is Home Automation - iPhone controlled is the place to be.

As I walk around my house from area to area, wherever I am sitting, whichever room I am in, when outside in the environs around my pool or 1000km away at the snow, anywhere (with 3G or WiFi coverage that is) I can always whip out my trusty iPhone and have the whole house's control in the palm of my hand. So while most Home Automation vendors are falling over themselves to trumpet their latest achievements in tablet screen area prowess and sleekest iPad control interface, it is somewhat lost on me as it is the small screen interface that is most important to me. Android phones and iPhones make awesome home automation remote controllers for one primary reason, because people carry them on their person for a great portion of their day. Wherever I am, I have my remote control with me.

Nous House provides iPhone Home Automation controllers / control software from Clipsal with the Clipsal Wiser and from Push Controls. Both have elegant and beautifully engineered screen interfaces for iPhone or Android phone. They also both have the same or more comprehensive interfaces for use on the iPad or similar large tablet. For me, the iPhone (or Android phone) interface is the important one.

What I am saying is that it is nice to have an iPad
or Android tablet in static areas as your home automation controller, or even to move around within that single zone or area, but once you have gotten used to the freedom of having your home's remote control with you always, you won't even be concerned that the screen size is one quarter as big. I can sit in a cafe with a client 10 km from home, or be on holidays a few states away and still have my whole house's automated systems control in my pocket. Look, my security is armed, the blinds are down and the cameras are watching, I can see it all.

iPhone Home Automation has empowered me to conveniently control my home's automated systems where-ever I am.

So in my view, the world's best home automation controller is, ............................ your phone.


See Product Details for:

Clipsal Wiser - Home Automation controller supporting iPad, iPhone, Android or PC|Netbook|Notebook|Samsung Smart TV|other Smart TVs (or most Flash Enabled Browsers). A very comprehensive iPhone Home Automation environment (see pictures in article - These are from the Wiser Platform)

Push Controls - Smart House Magazine's 'Budget Home Automation Controller' of 2012 - A iPhone, iPad and Android remote control applications suitable for home theatre, normal TV Rooms and also compatible to use with a wide range of other home automation systems including C-Bus. Provides a nice interface for home automation under iPhone control.

Clipsal C-Bus Wireless - A great system for existing homes, townhouse, town homes, duplexes and Renters.

Clipsal C-Bus Wired - A quality fixed home automation installation for new homes or those being renovated.

Other Relevant Information: Android Home Automation Controller or iPhone Remote Control for audio systems. Also similar tablet control equipment, for instance an Android Tablet Remote Control or software for Samsung Android Galaxy Tablet Remote Control.


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