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What is Home Automation? What is a Smart Home?

Would you consider buying a car without electric windows? Many years ago maybe, but not today.

Window Winders - The Old WayLook at your car.

Most recent models have inbuilt wireless remote security with central locking and unlocking, interior climate control, high quality multi-source audio systems with at least 4 multi-component speakers, electric windows and several computers that monitor the primary functions of the car and the engine.



You may possibly have electric seat heating, weather sensing automatic wipers, ambient light controlled Expected in a Car Why not your Home?automatic headlights, electrically controlled shading of windows, DVD media players, and computers for car stability, enhanced braking and navigation.


Compared to your car, the standard house is a dinosaur more comparable to a 1970s era Holden than to a modern car.

Doesn't that seem odd?


 Smart Home Automation becomes Affordable and Mainstream

Not that long ago people just didn't even consider building Smart Homes or using home automation as the benefits weren't well communicated by the industry. Also, the fact that most houses are only renovated once in every 10-15 years and this contributed to a slow uptake. This has changed and automated smart homes are no longer a solution only for luxury homes. Before, many of the technologies for the home were very expensive but with devices like the Apple iPad and with the reduction in the cost of entertainment devices like computers and TV panels, the time is here when you can comfortably upgrade your home to be an automated Smart Home at an affordable price. After all, you are just providing the same features you expect in your vehicles, a place where you spend far less time in than your house

A Smart Home| Automation enhances lifestyle

You may have stumbled across our site as you have been searching for information on Smart Homes or Home Automation. Perhaps as part of an upcoming home project you are considering what Home Automation gives you and how it works, or perhaps you are just looking for new Lifestyle enhancing products. Our site attempts to provide a useful online resource of expert information in the Smart Home and Home Automation area to help you understand the concepts and options available to you.

Home Automation and Smart Home Technology is not daunting to consider, it is merely a collection of integrated concepts bringing this same level of control, entertainment, comfort and security to the place where you spend most of your time, your home.



Touch Screens are the interface to your Smart Home



Ironically, you probably would not even contemplate buying a car today without these smart automated features, so why not take the same view for your house?

Browse through the further information on this site and you will quickly see that it doesn't have to cost the earth to enhance your lifestyle -- get more comfort, security and fun out of your new Smart Home.


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Smart Home| Automation enhances lifestyle


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