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Nous House - Smart Home Specialists
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Electrical Contractors very welcome at Nous House.


Are you an electrical contractor engaged in or now contemplating installing Home Automation systems? Then we need you.


Are you researching products or concepts for a client job?


We are happy to help you with any questions you may have and to give you a login to our website with trade pricing so you can make a margin on recommending our products.

Click Here for more details


We look forward to working with you in the future.

Nous House - Smart Home Automation Specialists

Electricians and Electrical Contractors

In the Smart Home business, it is not all Black and White.............

Electrical Contractors are very welcome at Nous House.


Are you an electrical contractor either engaged in or contemplating installing Home Automation systems?

You may already have many Home Automation clients and feel that we are a competitor. I can assure you, we are not.

Whilst we may have over-lapping skills in some areas of Smart Home Technology, Nous House are more interested in partnering with you to provide quality installations for our Home Automation clients and potentially yours too.

Our company is focussed on providing resources for the planning, design, installation, programming and ongoing maintenance of FULLY INTEGRATED Smart House systems of which the electrical installation side is but one important component. The relationship between us could be much like a builder might have with an architect, both having shared skills in one area but complementary skills in other areas. Just as an Architect directs business towards good builders, so to do we direct business toward good electrical and custom installation tradesmen. We would also hope after your first dealings with us you too will see that we are a company you can confidently refer some parts of your business to.

Often you may be in a position to win a job that you have no skills or current resource to perform, perhaps for an old client or through a previous contact.  Should you want, Nous House are happy to act as your 'specialist' when you are bidding for a job or to handle technical aspects you would prefer to outsource. If you bring us in on an automation project, we guarantee to agree with you prior to on-site attendance an actual scope of our work, any work that is off-limits to us and we will never ever try to 'cut your grass'. We are also happy to provide ongoing technical support on the integration to both you and your client. By using our services, you can bid for much larger and more technically challenging jobs with enough margin to keep both companies comfortable. 

Our Smart Home technology skills incorporate iPad or Android Tablet Home Control, highly customised home automation Touch Screens, IP network based House Control architecture, NBN ready infrastructure, structured cabling, IP Telephony, wireless and wired data networking, distributed media servers with integrated audio systems, security, energy efficiency monitoring, Air Conditioning zone control, electrically operated blinds, sun blinds & awnings control, control of pool equipment, watering systems and lighting design.

Why not try us out? To work with Nous House on your project, or to offer your services to us, please email our Technical Director with the services you offer or the project circumstances you propose.

To secure our partnership, we extend to all Electrical Contractors an affiliate login to our website providing a substantial trade discounted price on all the products listed on our website. Or you can refer your clients to our site for their equipment needs and we will rebate you the discount value. Contact us for a login today.


Architects, Builders, Interior Designers and other Partners

We enjoy working in partnership with many other professionals and trades to the mutual benefit of our clients and have an affiliate program. Contact us for details.


We Look forward to working with you in the future.