Custom Installation Equipment Competitive Market Quote Request

Custom Installation Equipment - Market Competitive Quotation


A market leading quotation will be back in 2 - 4 business hours (or call 02 8004 6668 for an instant response). For more details about purchasing custom install products see below.


The World's Shortest Form!!                                 



Dear Prospective Client

We appreciate that your time is precious to you and apologise for the need for an online form, but many 'Custom install only' products can not be directly quoted on an online reseller's website. They are not a normal retail product line and cannot be sold that way under the terms of our agreements with our suppliers. We are also limited to usually only advertising the RRP of a unit, so we need to get more information from you to be able to provide you with a market competitive quote. Other suppliers who may list an online headline price below the RRP are likely in contravention of their supplier agreements and so may have their agreement revoked causing you unnecessary future support issues. Nous House don't want to cause you a foreseable future problem, so we approach your Competitive Market Quote request in this more appropriate manner.

We are however committed to providing you with an easy process to an attractive competitive market price for these great products.

We will contact you back quickly in the method you request to provide a quotation for an installation in any state of Australia by Nous House custom installation staff, or you may choose your 'preferred local installer' if you have someone in mind.

Should you feel that you can handle the bulk of the installation yourself, we will contact you just to check you are comfortable to carry out a DIY installation using a 'professional' approach and noting that we provide a full after sales technical support services should you have any questions or issues during your installation.