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Nous House - Smart Home Automation Specialists

Voice Control your Smart Home - practical, convenient and fun

SmartVoice and Amazon Echo - talk to your home

Google Assistant & Home, Apple SIRI, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Echo Alexa Personal Virtual Assistants can give you a...

Voice Controlled Smart Home

A cutting edge Smart Home system controlled by the owner's voice recently featured on Nine Entertainment's 'The Block' 2016, highlighting that acceptance of 'talking to' your home has started moving from awkward SCiFI nerdism to being a more practical and accepted tool.

The Block apartment of Ben and Andy demonstrated how seamless integrated voice control of the lighting, bathroom shower, air-conditioning, bathroom privacy giving smart glass...... even the coffee machine, could be.Google Home with Google Assistant for Smart Voice Home Control

Contrary to the marketing speak of the big corporations now falling over themselves to own this emerging market segment, Voice control of your Smart Home is not a new concept and has been available for more than a decade - Clipsal had a product at the time Clipsal Homespeak, released in 2001/2002 and based upon the Dragon NaturallySpeaking platform, but it was primarily a success in Aged Care and Disability support installations. The product worked well and did what it said, but was not a mainstream hit as people felt a bit foolish talking to their homes, firmly holding on to their 'Clappers', buttons, remotes and touch screens.

Apple SIRI Smart Home Voice ControlRecent advancements that create tangible 'Personal Assistants' by adding capabilities such as Voice Net Searching, third party hardware control apps and the huge cost reduction provided in the new Digital Assistant products, and the seemingly ubiquitous infiltration and acceptance of Apple's SIRI use in everyday life is driving this Push for voice control of everything, including your Smart Home.

Many of the new home voice assistant products, though released in the US are still to be officially launched in Australia, but this hasn't stopped the huge interest or the practical implementation of voice control home automation and the voice controlled Smart Home.It is available today if you want it.

Do I want a Voice Controlled Home?  Some articles that may help you to decide.

Are voice controlled homes the future or a gimmick? by Fastcodesign


Voice Control Home Equipment Information:

Google Home

Review of Google Home by c|net

Amazon Echo Alexa

Review of Amazon Echo by c|net

Apple SIRI and HomeKit

Smart Home products controllable by SIRI through Apple's HomeKit



Contact us here at Nous House to explore the options for your own Voice Controlled Smart Home.



November 2016

This article contains observations and opinions from the Technical Director of Nous House that are personal only and do not form a formal company marketing statement. Do not rely on this information  and seek other advice. Please read our marketing and editorial statement for more information and copyright information.

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