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Nous House - Smart Home Automation Specialists

Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation (CBus) for my Smart Home?

In 1994 C-Bus Home Automation was launched by Clipsal as the first Australian made home control and management system on the market. Since then, C-Bus has proven to be the simplest and most cost effective building and home automation system of its type and is now distributed by Clipsal's owner Schneider Electric throughout the world. Considering a great deal of the manufacturing and design is still done in Clipsal's Adelaide Head office and engineering premises, this means it is also good for Australia. Many competitive products are coming into the market from overseas companies, but Clipsal holds the market share and also the hearts and minds of Australians installing, specifying and designing with the automation products.

Fully programmable and allowing home owners to configure the house to automatically switch lights on at night, adjust the intensity of light in accordance with natural light levels, control from and integrate with other automation systems components, for example iPad or tablet control and more.

C-Bus home automation Control and Management System C-Bus is a micro-processor controlled Control and Management System which uses Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) data cable or airborne Radio Frequency (RF) signals as its communication medium to control lighting, air-conditioning and other services. Information is sent from input units, such as C-Bus Wall Switches, Touch Screens and Occupancy Sensors via the C-Bus data cable or RF signal to output units, such as CBus home automation Relays and Dimmers.

Clipsal Saturn c-Touch Colour Touchscreen blends stunning looks with true functionality

A CBus home automation system provides energy efficient solutions through automation control and also power monitoring. Whether ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit or dimming control, C-Bus can be used to control and automate virtually any type of electrical load.

In homes, CBus Home Automation * offers a total luxury package. From home theatre at the touch of a button, to a home that looks after itself with 'welcome', 'goodbye' and 'master off' scenes. There's even a CBus home automation 250V wireless version (called C-Bus Wireless) for existing homes. renters and single room applications.

Not only do you get great functionality, but you also get great looking switches, in a variety of colours and finishes including the modern designed Neo, pure glass Ulti Saturn or the clean lines of the stainless steel Reflection.

To make your CBus Home Automation system even more user friendly, DLT wall switches features an LCD display that allows each button to be labelled so you know what each one does. The labels can have any look you like, can even be a picture, and can be changed at any time.

Why not add a touch screen in main living areas. The CBus C-Touch colour touch screen provides a large, easy to read graphical display, allowing anything in the home to be controlled from one central location.

Clipsal has now introduced Multi Room Audio to the CBus Home Automation family. The same elegant light switch that controls your lights, now also controls your music. Imagine music throughout your home without bulky speakers or controllers on the wall. Ceiling or wall-mounted speakers blend in, making this a system that is heard and not seen. Up to eight separate areas can be playing either the same music, or select from up to five different sources (plug in your radio, CD, media player, etc. There is even the flexibility to plug in a local source in each area, which is great for kid's rooms with their MP3 players.

With a C-Bus Home Automatiom System, you can now choose from the following smart home options:


Nous House Clipsal C-Bus Overview Guide What is C-Bus  Clipsal C-Bus Smart House Smart Living Overview Guide  C-Bus Smart Home Automation Wiser Home Controller  C-Bus Smart Home Automation Products Buy and Best Price Information  


What's really smart is that everything in your smart house can be controlled by wall switches, or an iPad... The choice is yours.

Control it all by remote control, or incorporate sensors that turn lights on automatically, to full power or just a dim glow.

C-Bus Home Automation allows you to incorporate control of AV equipment, air conditioning, motorised blinds, garage doors, sprinkler systems, keyless entry systems, pool or spa pumps, water features, security systems - you name it.


Clipsal continues to grow and enhance its C-Bus product line and demand for the robust system has grown exponentially throughout the world after Clipsal's purchase by Schneider Electric a few years ago.

A few noteworthy examples of the continual updating of the Clipsal C-Bus product range is the 2013 Australian Design award winning Clipsal Colour eDLT switchplate, The Clipsal Colour Touchscreen 3 release during 2013, and the Clipsal Wiser Home Control, that see further enhancement in 2014 with the imminent release of the Wiser Home Control Mark 2.